Sunday, February 10, 2013

Antique, Industrial, Mid Century Lighting & More

Achilles Castiglioni Gato Series Pendant Light
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1920's French Art Deco Cut Glass Pendant Light

Vintage Green Glass Pendant Light

1940's Schoolhouse Pendant Light

1970's Space Age Chrome Tri Light

Bradley & Hubbard Adjustable Arts & Crafts Floor Lamp

Art Deco Machine Age Floor Lamp

Industrial Green Enameled Pendant Light

Art Deco Machine Age Desk Lamp

Austrian Banker's Lamp With Stained Glass

Vintage Flight Jackets, Leather Luggage & More!

Some Of Our Collection...
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Vintage Pig Skin Luggage Set

Vintage RCMP Leather Boots Size 10.5

1960s D Pocket Size 38

1940s Atkins Huskies Leather Coat Size 40